Our Story

What we do…

At Playmore Sportswear we specialise in designing quality, durable Teamwear and apparel for teams, individuals, schools, Fundraising Events and corporate customers to suit your needs and your budget.

We have an ever expanding range of;
• Jerseys
• Shorts
• Skirts
• Jackets
• Hoodies
• T-shirts
• Hats, caps and visors
• Triathlon knicks
• Polo shirts
• Tracksuits
• Supporters and managers team clothing
• Even the bags to carry your gear in!

We use only the best quality materials designed to withstand all the punishment you can dish out.

Playmore Sportswear creates attractive, durable Teamwear so you look and feel fantastic whatever sport you play;
• Rugby
• Netball
• Soccer
• Touch football
• Oztag
• Softball
• Triathlons
• Golf
• Rowing
• League Tag
• Dragon boat racing
• Cycling
We even do apparel for your Work/Business, School Sports, Corporate Uniforms and Promotional/Event T-Shirts.

Our head office is based in Sydney and we have customers all over Australia & New Zealand. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service with a speedy, efficient ordering process.
We work hard to make sure that we deliver on time and on budget.

10 years of Playmore Sportswear

Hi Guys,
I am the Managing Director of Playmore Sports Australia. I'll just be perfectly honest with you all - The Only reason I got into sportswear was because I played Rugby here in Australia and I got fed up with not having kit that fit! Starting out as a size 6 Winger I had to wrap duct tape around the top of my shorts to keep them on! In my second year of rugby we had a girl playing who could not get a jersey to stretch across her chest (she was breast-feeding) - I took the largest Jersey home and sewed in Stretchy side panel inserts - she was so happy she cried. But I got in a little trouble with my club for "damaging" a jersey!
I tried on Jerseys from every company that was available in Australia and nothing fit. In 2005 I spoke to the rep of a world famous Rugby Brand and was told "Women don't really play Rugby" and so don't need playing kit designing to fit. Another said it was simply not ‘economically viable to make playing gear fro women’.
I was so stunned, then angry, then I thought - Well if they won't take us seriously I'll make my own gear!
I teamed up with Playmore Sports Based in Hong Kong in 2006 and set about designing Rugby Gear that fit Women properly and was performance based rather than what looks "pretty".
I was very fortunate that my own team were happy to be my product testers and after several attempts we hit on the perfect fit.
To date Playmore have outfitted Women's Rugby Teams from Club level, regional, state level, right up the Aussie Amazons (Precursor to the Aussie Pearls) Rugby Sevens Team Tour to Hong Kong after the 2009 Rugby Sevens World Cup
Every item of kit we make is tested on the field by women from size 6 right up to size 24 and I can confidently say they love Playmore Gear. The Men started taking notice of our good quality gear and soon I was making kit for them too. This was followed by other sports codes and now 10 years on we make pretty much everything your sporting and WORK/BUSINESS team could need 
You can read some of the Teams feedback on our Facebook page - Playmore Sportswear (Australia)
We are always developing new kit to suit the changing game - We even made Rugby gear for one of the Sydney Players to get married in - check out the photo's on the Facebook page.
I look forward to working with you soon.
Cheers Kell